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Nine Meals To Anarchy: Grid Down

Front-NineMealsToAnarchy781-GriDown-Amazon1000Terrorists have infiltrated the United States electrical grid, pummeling the entire country into darkness and creating a crisis never before seen on American soil! This orchestrated act of terrorism has left Americans vulnerable in all essential areas of health, welfare, national security, communication, and commerce.

This catastrophic chain of events has led to the United States Government enacting martial law to control the violence and looting. As the weeks pass and conditions worsen the President knows he has to combat the crisis unfolding before him. The President invokes his power of Executive Privilege and signs an order to make all of the nations’ military resources available, and declare that all water and food in private hands will become property of the United States Government.  Hoarding food will be against the law, and Federal Agencies can search and seize without cause.

With the country teetering on the edge of collapse Robert Ralston, an average citizen, will stop at nothing to protect his family. With panic rising and an inevitable meltdown looming, Robert decides to use what knowledge and skills he has acquired as a novice prepper to survive and endure. Along the way Robert discovers how vulnerable we are as a nation and how heavily we rely on simple things that we take for granted every day. Roberts’s skills are put to the test, his resources exhausted, he learns that unfortunately not everyone can be trusted, even the government. And most importantly he learns what is truly important.

Join Robert and his family as they embark on this thrilling quest to survive and thrive.